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Delivery Process

Product Selection

  1. Choose wanted products, with weight and quantity;
  2. Add those products to cart;
  3. If you have to amend or delete the selected products, you may simply correct the "Quantity" and click "Update" afterwards. To delete unwanted products in your cart, you can click the recycle bin;
  4. After verification, press "Checkout" to proceed to the order process.

Order Process

  1. Check the address of delivery and click "Continue Checkout";
  2. Check to see whether "Your total" is what you expect. If you have a discount coupon, you may type the redemption code to the designated space. Then, select the most suitable payment method and enter special instructions (if necessary);
  3. Confirm the delivery address, shopping cart contents again. If there is no mistake, you may click "Confirm Order" to complete the order process.

Delivery Process

  1. We will immediately respond and enter the order made by customers into our computer system.
  2. When we have checked that there are sufficient stock (in general, we have rich supply of products), customers wil receive a call by phone, in order to confirm the product list, price and delivery address. Also, we will book the time and date for delivery with customers;
  3. After confirmation, our delivery team will arrive to the delivery address in the booked time slot;
  4. Customers have to ensure the person concerned is ready to accept and pay for the products in the time slot;
  5. For customers' rights and interests, the person concerned should check the arrived products carefully.
  6. If there are any problems with the products, customers can notify the staff for further arrangements.
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